Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Shooter Classifications

Classifications are a way to allow USPSA members to see how they stack up against other members and allows them to compete against competitors with similar skill levels, instead of shooting against everyone.

When becoming a member of USPSA, it’s important to understand classifications. Your classification is what ensures that score-wise, you are shooting against competitors of your same skill level.

There are 7 classifications of shooters: U, D, C, B, A, M, and GM. Classifications are earned by shooting classifier stages at a match. Typically, a local club-level match will have one standard classifier stage along with their own stage designs.

Classifiers are created by the USPSA and must be carefully set up at each match to ensure that when you shoot the classifier, you’re shooting the exact same stage (target distances and placement) as everyone else. Otherwise, it would be difficult to assign a National classification without a baseline performance.

When initially joining (classification is only available to members) you will be an Unclassified shooter in all Divisions. If Production Division is your game, then once you have completed four different classifiers, your average will be computed. If you’re a C class shooter, then when viewing the match results you’d be interested in where you placed among C shooters in Production, instead of just seeing where you placed overall in the division.

Each division has its own classification so you can be a U in one class, a C in another, etc. To earn an initial classification, your four best classifiers in that division are used. After an initial classification has been earned, your best six of the last eight classifiers are used to perform the ongoing calculations.

Unclassified. The member has not shot enough classifiers in that division to have earned a classification.

D – 2% to 40% performance av
erage against other shooters nationally.
C – 40% to 59.9%
B – 60% to 74.9%
A – 75% to 84.9%
Master – 85% to 94.9%
Grand Master – 95% to 100%

Rarely, a club will host a special Classifier match where all the stages are classifiers. This is a quick way for a new shooter to earn an initial classification.

Shooting classifiers is typically a source of stress for me but earning a new classification, either in a new-to-you division or bumping up to the next class is a joyous occasion!

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