Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Equipment Divisions

I've been asked, "I only have X type of gun. Can I shoot in Steel Challenge?". If it's practically ANY handgun or rifle that shoots a handgun caliber, then yes, there's a division for you!

Let's start by talking about Divisions.

What does division mean? It's a way to ensure competitors are apples-to-apples, hardware-wise. It keeps a revolver shooter from competing directly with a semi-auto pistol, or a rimfire rifle. The divisions are as follows:

CO - Carry Optics This basically means an everyday carry pistol that may have a low-profile red dot on it.

ISR - Iron Sight Revolver A centerfire revolver with no special optical sights.

LTD - Limited For iron-sighted "race guns" with limited modifications

OPN - Open Full-on race pistols with red dots and compensators

OSR - Optical Sight Revolver This is for the same revolver mentioned in ISR, but with a red dot or other types of optical aiming device.

PCCI - Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron sights For carbine rifles chambered in pistol calibers

PCCO - Pistol Caliber Carbine Open Same as PCCI, but now you're allowed optics and compensators

PROD - Production This is where most double-action or striker-fired semi-auto centerfire handguns fall. Note this will be for guns that are NOT single action like a 1911; those go in the Single Stack division.
RFPI - Rimfire Pistol Iron Here's your .22LR pistols with iron sights. Don't even need a holster, but I recommend having more than a couple of magazines!
RFPO - Rimfire Pistol Open Same as above, but allows optical sights and compensators.

RFRI - Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights .22LR rifles, such as Ruger's 10/22, are the most popular choice.

RFRO - Rimfire Rifle Open - Same as above, but with optical sights and compensators allowed.

SS - Single Stack This is a category custom-made for single-action only, single-stack magazine 1911s.

So you see, there's plenty of divisions you can shoot in!

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